What does ServiceDesk Plus do? | Unified IT and enterprise service management platform

What does ServiceDesk Plus do? | Unified IT and enterprise service management platform

ServiceDesk Plus is the flagship ITSM and ESM platform from the ManageEngine suite of products. The platform, available in both cloud and on-premises versions, is built for enterprises at all levels of IT maturity to find quick value in their ITSM investment.

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ServiceDesk Plus offers out-of-the-box capabilities such as no-code automations, visually configurable workflows, a conversational AI agent, and rapid creation of new instances.

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Digital enterprises can map their entire infrastructure in ServiceDesk Plus, with the integrated CMDB for speedy diagnoses and root cause analyses. Further, with native integrations with the full spectrum of ManageEngine's IT management portfolio, ServiceDesk Plus can offer a 360-degree view of IT from with the service desk console.

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ServiceDesk Plus offers large enterprises 3.52x ROI in three years, according to the Total Economic Impact study by Forrester Consulting.

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Watch other features in ServiceDesk Plus:

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👉 Knowledge management - https://youtu.be/dOAIf7Oyhds
👉 Enterprise Service Management (ESM) - https://youtu.be/kZtPgu6jiQg
👉 Configuration management database (CMDB) - https://youtu.be/sUyDgi6geNw
👉 IT project management - https://youtu.be/vmFnYMdvQjs

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