Automation, Chatbots, and the New Customer Experience

Automation, Chatbots, and the New Customer Experience

Dec 2, 2021 founder Chris Dix joined us to discuss how forward-thinking IT providers are leveraging chatbots and automation to provide "real-time" messaging and support — without compromising their standards for customer experience.

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0:00 Hello and welcome!

7:30 Creating multiple avenues for inbound communications

14:00 More channels? Good or bad

17:20 Method to use automation in support processes

21:12 Omnichannel chat in action

26:00 Displaying

29:00 Customizable Chatbot Automation for MSPs

32:00 Other MSP website examples and best practices for chatbots

44:00 What not to do with chatbots and automations

50:00 Plugging a chatbot into your current systems and adding personality

57:00 Audience questions and wrap-up

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