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How to use Quick Actions in Sematext | Sematext Cloud Monitoring

Being able to quickly access your tools is a must for any profession. Developers need to be able to drill drown and filter through their logs in an easy manner. Simply having all the tools you need for a job doesn't truly help you much if the tools are "too far out of reach". Sematext Quick actions put the tools you use must in your hands. Quick actions allow you to easily access the tools you use most with ease. Drilling down into your logs highlighting values, creating chart, or seeing the source metrics is literally 2 clicks away. Find out how in this video.

All About Solr Replica Placement Plugins

With Solr 9 the Autoscaling Framework was removed – for being too complex and not terribly reliable – and instead we have Replica Placement Plugins. Unlike Autoscaling, replica placement only happens when you create a collection or add a new replica. Hence the name: it’s about where to place these new replicas. In this article, we’ll look at the available replica placement plugins, what you can use them for and how to use them.


5 Logstash Alternatives [2023 Review]

Table of Contents When it comes to centralizing logs to Elasticsearch, the first log shipper that comes to mind is Logstash. People hear about it even if it’s not clear what it does: – Bob: I’m looking to aggregate logs – Alice: you mean… like… Logstash? When you get into it, you realize centralizing logs often implies a bunch of things, and Logstash isn’t the only log shipper that fits the bill.

Custom Preferences in Sematext

Sematext Cloud is a monitoring and log analysis platform that provides tools for monitoring and analyzing the performance and logs of your infrastructure, applications, and services. Custom preferences allow you to customize your UI in the Sematext Cloud. Customize the Default color scheme for your charts and graphs in reports, Change between 12 and 24-hour formats, and change from the light theme to the dark theme. (One of the most requested features from our users)

10 Best Tools to Monitor SSL Certificate Expiry, Validity & Change [2023 Comparison]

Table of Contents Webmasters always have their hands full with everything from user experience, search engine optimization and last but not least, SSL certificates. While some may not prioritize SSL certificates, they are still critical to the correct operation of your websites. Because Secure Layer Certificates are so important, monitoring them is a must! To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best tools for monitoring SSL certificates for validity, expiry, and change.


Frontend Performance Monitoring: 8 Tools & SaaS to Improve Application and Website User Experience [2023]

Table of Contents Monitoring the performance of an application is not a strange concept to most developers. At one point or another, we’ve all had to do some performance debugging of our own. Usually, it happens when there’s a big issue affecting the user’s experience or cost implications. Only then do we make time to look at how the app performs in different scenarios.


13 Best Kubernetes Monitoring Tools: Free, Open Source & Paid [2023 Comparison]

Table of Contents While Kubernetes revolutionized distributed orchestration, it also added complexity to logging and monitoring. To keep up with the challenges of working with Kubernetes clusters, you need to adapt your monitoring strategy. This includes changing the tools you use. To help keep your Kubernetes environment healthy, we made a list of the best Kubernetes monitoring tools. This list includes both open-source and commercial.


Best Java GC Log Analyzers: Top Analysis Tools You Need to Know in 2023

Table of Contents When an application written for the Java Virtual Machine is running, it constantly creates new objects and puts them on the heap. Well, at least in the vast majority of the cases. Such objects can have a longer or shorter life, but at some point, they stopped being referenced from the code. Unlike languages like C/C++, we don’t have exact control over when the memory will be freed – freeing the memory is the garbage collector’s job.


12 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Tools & Software [2023 Reviews]

Table of Contents Uptime is the metric that measures perhaps the most critical aspect of your business, its availability. If you think about it, having a website that does many really cool things, paying tons of money on ads to bring people to it, and even spending all those hours on making your website look great won’t amount to anything if it doesn’t work.


15 Best IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools & Software [2023 Comparison]

Table of Contents As your business grows, so will the number of components in your infrastructure, making manual monitoring impossible without the proper tools. Be it performance metrics, availability status, or application component logs, you need a tool that provides end-to-end visibility into the health of your infrastructure. To help you get started, we’ll compare some of the best infrastructure monitoring tools and software, both open source and paid, available today.