Port Monitoring


A New & Better Website, Service and Server Performance Monitoring Tool. Keep track of your servers and website performance and uptime.

Binary Canary

Downtime costs you money and damages your reputation as a trusted online provider - so if your website is worth it, let BinaryCanary.com watch over your site and alert you first to downtime.

Pandora FMS

A single monitoring solution to control your business. With just one tool, you can monitor any device, infrastructure, application, service and business process.


The world's most reliable website monitoring service. Monitor your site availability and performance. Get alerted when it goes down or has problems.


Do you want a good uptime on your servers? The Pingability service monitors your servers (including web page checks, and email server checks). We can alert you if the server goes down so you can respond rapidly.


Freshping is a simple Uptime & Performance monitoring tool which helps monitoring uptime/downtime, outages and performance of websites, APIs, web services, web applications with instant outage/down time alerts.


Monitive was created to check your services from all around the world, every minute, and instantly notify you when there's an issue with any of them. Simple, clean, fast, reliable and powerful.


Our highly available monitoring system periodically checks your online services and sends you immediate notification when a problem is detected. Catch issues before they become incidents!