Ljubljana, Slovenia
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We created experimental Docker image which tries to ensure high availability of your web service by dynamically refreshing Cloudflare DNS with healthy endpoints.
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With latest AppBeat release you can now access unique and powerful new feature which allows you to define custom monitoring expression for any workflow. Possible use cases: Expression examples: As you can see this framework is very flexible and allows you endless new monitoring options which were previously not possible. Happy monitoring!
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Heartbeat monitoring (reverse monitoring) enables you to monitor your internal services that are not publicly accessible (for example due to security reasons). You may ask “How is this possible”? This can be accomplished by sending us simple HTTP GET request to our unique heartbeat URL. You periodically send us those “pings” as long as your application is healthy.
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If you are using our HTML to PDF conversion API and you are on .NET Framework or .NET Core we have good news! We created simple HttpClient extension method called ConvertToPdfAsync. You can use it as following.
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We are releasing our HTML to PDF REST API to public preview: We are using this tool internally for generation of various PDF documents. It uses Chrome engine for HTML rendering and creates really nice looking documents. It supports synchronous and asynchronous operation where you can be notified about PDF conversion result via webhook.
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A domain in “Registrar Lock” status means the registrar for that domain has locked the domain to prevent any unauthorized domain transfers / changes. Our domain monitor can check domain expirations but did you now you can also check domain locks?
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Here are short instructions how to integrate your AppBeat Monitoring with PagerDuty.
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We are very happy to announce that Slack team approved our app so you can easily integrate it with AppBeat monitoring.
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Today we published new monitoring engine which supports page integrity checks with SHA-256 hash. To enable this feature simply add or edit your periodic check and update your warning or error status rule with this snippet...
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Your monthly monitoring plan includes predefined number of monthly SMS messages which are used to notify you about outages. For some users this number may be low and for this reason we decided to write short tutorial how to add your own SMS provider which is limited only by available credit on your account. In this tutorial we will describe how to integrate with Nexmo but similar method could be applied for other SMS providers.

Our highly available monitoring system periodically checks your online services and sends you immediate notification when a problem is detected. Catch issues before they become incidents!

Some of the key AppBeat features:

  • fast and easy to use interface
  • best reliability without false alarms
  • monitoring frequency up to one minute (1440 checks per day)
  • performance monitoring (measuring server response times)
  • daily / weekly / monthly uptime reports
  • native support for most popular services over IPv4 and IPv6 protocols (websites, certificates, ping, TCP / UDP, domains, email servers)
  • monitoring probes deployed all over the world
  • powerful alarm rules
  • flexible alerting (email, SMS, HipChat, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Pushover, Slack, StatusPage, Workplace by Facebook, webhooks)
  • other popular features like: public status page, multi-user support, API access, easy to understand reports, ...

We offer 14-day risk free trial, no credit card required. Monthly subscriptions start at 4.99 EUR / month (no extra sign-up fees, no cancellation fees and no other hidden costs).