Sep 5, 2018

Monitive was created to check your services from all around the world, every minute, and instantly notify you when there's an issue with any of them. Simple, clean, fast, reliable and powerful.

Instant Notifications: No matter what your mobile limitations are, we've got you covered. Get instant alerting via SMS text message to 160+ countries, unlimited iOS or Android Push notifications, Twitter Direct Messages, Emails, or even more complex and flexible alerts via HTTP POST API calls or PagerDuty integration.

State-Of-The-Art Dashboard: When you access your monitoring account, you get all the important information at a glance. No more digging around to find what you need! Status, uptime, latency, recent outages and even last check info is right there: always fresh, always available.

Monitive To Go: Bad things usually happen when you least expect them: when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our iOS and Android apps give you mobility when you're not near your computer, with instant and unlimited push notifications, information about outages, latency and the ability to adjust monitoring settings.

Reports That Are Actually Useful: Get an automated weekly report, containing all the important information that we've gathered while monitoring your services. Aside from the main uptime, average latency and outages statistics, you also get precious information such as daily and country latency breakdown, an availability timetable to spot downtime patterns and even the complete list of incidents and alerts (if you require them) — and for any timeframe.

Relax more, enjoy your life, and let Monitive watch over your services.

Oct 15, 2018   |  By Lucian Daniliuc
Moving further than design, a good interface is an invisible interface…
Oct 8, 2018   |  By Lauren Detweiler
People aren’t loyal to companies. They’re loyal to values, relationships, and experiences. While someone may say they’re 100% loyal to a certain brand of coffee, for instance, it is more likely that they absolutely prefer the taste of that brand compared to other brands at the store.
Oct 1, 2018   |  By Lucian Daniliuc
Continuous Deployment is nice, but make sure you deploy a healthy product increment.
Sep 24, 2018   |  By Lauren Detweiler
Companies who don’t define their driving force are missing the whole point.
Sep 24, 2018   |  By Lauren Detweiler
There’s no I in team. It’s a cliche, but it’s true. And, while we all have things we’d rather do our way as an individual, the collective mind is more effective and more meaningful. At Monitive, it’s how we do business.