Aug 31, 2018
Minnetonka, MN, USA

Powerful Website Monitoring & Performance Testing Tools:

  • Web Application Monitoring: UserView monitors multi step web transactions for performance, functionality and accessibility around the globe.
  • Load & Stress Testing: LoadView is an on-demand, cloud based load testing platform for websites and multi-step e-commerce transactions.
  • Webpage Performance Monitoring: BrowserView monitors page load speed at an element level using multiple browsers from around the world.
  • Web Services Monitoring: ServerView is a highly configurable platform that monitors performance and functionality of multiple internet services.

Go Beyond The Basics With Dotcom-Monitor:

  • Analyze site speed by digging into waterfall charts with video playback of the page as it loads.
  • Test website performance from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers.
  • Find bottlenecks by identifying elements that could benefit from using CDNs.
  • Optimize website load times. Improve webpage performance.

Mar 7, 2018   |  By Josef Mayrhofer
No business can ignore performance and reliability of their critical or client facing applications. If response times are below expectations customers will stop using those disappointing apps and spend their money on other, more reliable systems.
Jan 18, 2018   |  By Josef Mayrhofer
Black Friday is one of the most valuable times for retailers across the world because buyers shop until they drop. Marketing campaigns started already weeks ago and promised unbelievable discounts on all kind of goods.
Jan 18, 2018   |  By Josef Mayrhofer
Most of us believe that content and popularity of websites are the only factors, which are responsible for the success of our sites. But beyond that, even more, important is speed and user experience. Sometimes due to technical reasons, a website may become slow.
Nov 21, 2017   |  By Josef Mayrhofer
Slow loading or non-responsive web pages have an impact on financial revenue because frustrated users will most likely not return once the issue has been solved. Therefore, performance testing has become a fundamental part of the development chain and the demand is still growing.
Oct 12, 2017   |  By Josef Mayrhofer
Dotcom-Monitor’s LoadView and Dynatrace are performance-engineering platforms by heart. Both have an excellent customer base, are fully Cloud native solutions and root on a long-standing history.
Jan 23, 2018   |  By DotcomMonitor
Learn to analyze your performance reports, after your load test is complete.
Jan 23, 2018   |  By DotcomMonitor
Learn to create custom scripts, configure test parameters, and execute your load test.
Dec 18, 2017   |  By DotcomMonitor
Create scripts without knowing a single line of code with Dotcom-Monitor's EveryStep Scripting Tool.
Dec 15, 2017   |  By DotcomMonitor
Private Monitoring Agent: Monitor web applications, websites, and network services behind a firewall not accessible from outside the network.
Nov 14, 2017   |  By DotcomMonitor
Learn to set network filters, network response modifiers, add script delays to simulate end-user behavior, insert script time watchers and more.