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Service item reporting made easy using Freshservice | One ITSM solution to your IT needs

Create customized reports on service items and analyze trends in service requests easily through Freshservice Analytics. Freshservice Analytics, saves time by drafting reports from scratch to get a complete overview of your service desk performance. Deep-dive quickly and easily using a quick filter in widgets.

How to choose an ITOM solution? | IT Operations Management | ITOM Made Easy 4/5

Choosing an ITOM solution for your organization can be quite challenging. Unlike ITSM tools, which are built using best practice frameworks like ITIL as a reference, ITOM tools feature a variety of capabilities including: With so many features available, it can get confusing on what features to have and what to leave behind. To make that process simpler, here are some must-dos while selecting an ITOM solution.

ITOM vs ITSM | IT Operations Management vs IT Service Management | ITOM Made Easy 5/5

In the modern enterprise, the terms IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) are often used interchangeably. While they are both similar by nature, they have important differences as well. ITSM is focused on the development, delivery, and management of IT services. ITOM is more about the management of the processes that enable and govern those services. Effective ITOM seeks to optimize operational processes to achieve outcomes and meet or exceed metrics deemed important to the business.

What is AIOps? | AIOps Explained | ITOM Made Easy 3/5

AIOps is about more than just IT operations: It encompasses DevOps, IT service management (ITSM), incident management, observability, support, security, and KPIs/priorities from business stakeholders. It’s about providing actionable insights into IT operations data—whether it is hybrid, cloud-based, or private data center–based. In this video, Stephen Mann sheds light on the concept of AIOps, what are its applications, and dives deep into how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to improve IT operations in your organization.

ITOM and DevOps | IT Operations Management | ITOM Made Easy 2/5

In this video, Stephen Mann talks about the relationship between IT operations management and DevOps, and what enterprises need based on their requirements. He also discusses how ITOM and DevOps help each other, and how the DevOps approach extends beyond the "application development to deployment" process.

What is ITOM? | IT Operations Management Explained | ITOM Made Easy 1/5

In this IT Operations Management (ITOM) tutorial, Stephen Mann defines ITOM, breaks down ITOM concepts, why it's needed, how it stacks against ITSM, and what it offers to organizations. This is the first video in a 5-part series on IT Operations Management. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for a new ITOM episode every week.

Top 10 Priorities for Tech Leaders in 2022 | IT Leaders | CIOs

Description: Top priorities for CIOs and IT leaders, expected changes to budgets and staffing, technology adoption trends, and the business mandates for technology organizations in 2022, and beyond Speakers: Christopher Key, Global Practice Leader, The Hackett Group & Joy Su, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Freshworks Duration: 28 mins

4 Key ITSM Trends for 2022 | ITSM Trends | CIOs

Description: Four Key ITSM Trends for 2022 and what leaders can do to deliver a modern service desk which not only meets expectations of its users, but helps agents do more than ever before Speakers: David Wright - Chief Value & Innovation Officer at SDI, Angelica Reyes - Head of EU & UK Marketing at Freshworks. Duration: 30 mins