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What is ITOM and how is it different from ITSM?

This is an increasingly popular question for IT professionals. In part, this is driven by the need for organizations to use IT Operations Management (ITOM) in conjunction with more traditional IT service management (ITSM) because of the ever-increasing reliance on technology to enable business operations and outcomes. To help with your understanding, this blog explains what ITOM is, why it is needed, and what it entails.


Bloated software: The real killjoy of modern workplace technology

Bloatware, or as we affectionately call it, junkware, has always been a problem for businesses across the globe. These unused and hidden programs that never see the light of day on our smartphones and laptops and yet take up all the space and cripple the performance of the devices are costing businesses billions of dollars every year.


Is work tech keeping pace with employee expectations?

The short answer? Not so much! New global research from Freshworks shows that despite a pandemic-driven tech spend surge, nine in ten (91%) employees are still frustrated by workplace tech. It reveals that businesses globally face a potential workplace crisis due to inadequate technology, damaging employee productivity, mental health, and the ability to retain talent. The truth is, the concept of tech frustration is not entirely new.


Streamline incident response on a unified platform

Incident response is at the heart of great, or terrible, user experience. However, while tools have evolved, challenges – especially faced by L1 agents – still exist. The solution isn’t about getting more tools. It’s about establishing a unified platform across the IT service desk and the IT Operations teams that empowers L1 agents to collaborate across silos with L2 agents, subject matter experts, and DevOps personnel.


Five customer service channels and their impact on EX

As the pandemic pushed businesses online overnight, companies quickly scaled automation and self-service technology like chatbots and knowledge based FAQs to deflect and resolve employee support issues. However, IT teams have a big opportunity to go beyond resolving tech requests and make it a delightful exchange that deepens relationships across the business.


Top 7 IT service management metrics you need to measure

How do you measure the success of your IT service delivery if you’re not closely monitoring the numbers that dictate the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s service delivery? As IT leaders, you need to measure the performance of service desk processes by tracking critical ITSM metrics to understand the impact on overall business goals. Many IT service management (ITSM) metrics can give you a clear picture of where you stand on the IT service delivery podium.

Service item reporting made easy using Freshservice | One ITSM solution to your IT needs

Create customized reports on service items and analyze trends in service requests easily through Freshservice Analytics. Freshservice Analytics, saves time by drafting reports from scratch to get a complete overview of your service desk performance. Deep-dive quickly and easily using a quick filter in widgets.

How to choose an IT Project Management software?

IT project management, like every other discipline in modern business, is heavily dependent on technology and data to be effective. Unlike other disciplines, however, technology has not had a significant impact on how project-management processes are performed. The same activities that were once done manually are now supported by software to improve efficiency.

How to choose an ITOM solution? | IT Operations Management | ITOM Made Easy 4/5

Choosing an ITOM solution for your organization can be quite challenging. Unlike ITSM tools, which are built using best practice frameworks like ITIL as a reference, ITOM tools feature a variety of capabilities including: With so many features available, it can get confusing on what features to have and what to leave behind. To make that process simpler, here are some must-dos while selecting an ITOM solution.