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Building An Intelligent Middle Mile

Middle-mile networks span from tens to several thousand kilometers and provide connectivity between last-mile access networks such as FTTH and mobile base stations and the core services and applications. The middle mile is essential for all operators looking to support new services. This can be both Service Providers delivering new revenue-generating services, or Network Operators delivering mission and business-critical services.

Making Utilities Smart

Watch our dedicated IP Optical session where we cover Ribbon’s offering for the Utilities sector. For utilities to meet their regulatory, safety, and business objectives, they need to become "Smart". The legacy TDM communications network used by utilities is not able to effectively support the new digitized, decentralized services. A modernized communication network is required. Ribbon provides seamless, risk-free migration of the legacy TDM communications network.

Test Automation - A Key to Telco Cloud Adoption

While industry experts struggle to find consensus on the path to Telco Cloud, almost everyone agrees that automation will play an outsized role in helping network operators overcome the challenges they face in adopting and successfully deploying Telco Cloud. For many network operators, the very inefficient pace of their existing software upgrades is a key challenge they must address to migrate their network to a modern Telco Cloud.