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Go Beyond the Status Quo with Puppet Enterprise

From the largest physics laboratory in the world to a telescope network scattered across the planet to a design firm building roads and parks around the globe to an air navigation service provider that guides 1.2 million flights each year, 40,000 companies rely on Puppet to automate their infrastructure – with security and compliance baked right in. Puppet’s IT automation suite incorporates security, compliance, and innovation from day one to power Day 2 operations (and beyond), so your teams can spend less time managing IT infrastructure and more time changing the world.

The Power of IT Automation Empowers You | Puppet Enterprise

With Puppet, the power of IT automation empowers you. Learn more at puppet.com. Too many companies use patchwork solutions for configuration management and IT automation, leading to unmanageable complexity and huge security risks. IT operators are on-call day and night to address security breaches, and toil for weeks manually provisioning servers. But no one would expect you to wash 10,000 dishes by hand – so why are IT operators expected to configure 10,000 servers manually?

Updating A Forge Module In Puppet Enterprise Using Code Manager

Puppet Support Explain how to change the version of a Forge module deployed in your Puppet Enterprise Environment Please note it is not considered best practice to declare `:latest` rather than a specific version tag in your PuppetFile as this could lead to untested module combinations being deployed to your environment. Commands Used: puppet-code deploy production --wait -l debug puppet module list --environment=production

How to Change the Puppetdb Port in Puppet Enterprise

Occasionally in Puppet Enterprise, you may need to change the port PuppetDB consumes, for instance, if another service requires port 8081. While we in Puppet Support recommend that you change the port for the other service. If you can’t do that, Follow this Video and the attached Knowledge base article for a guide on changing the port.

Deliver IT infrastructure faster with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise users can deliver infrastructure faster with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. Watch this demo to learn how to automate testing and delivery of Puppet code from the commit all the way through deploying code into production.