Go Beyond the Status Quo with Puppet Enterprise

Go Beyond the Status Quo with Puppet Enterprise

Nov 2, 2022

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From the largest physics laboratory in the world to a telescope network scattered across the planet to a design firm building roads and parks around the globe to an air navigation service provider that guides 1.2 million flights each year, 40,000 companies rely on Puppet to automate their infrastructure – with security and compliance baked right in.

Puppet’s IT automation suite incorporates security, compliance, and innovation from day one to power Day 2 operations (and beyond), so your teams can spend less time managing IT infrastructure and more time changing the world.

Puppet Enterprise’s best-in-class configuration management and IT automation empower you to scale your company’s vision from dream to reality. Its Infrastructure as code technology anchored in a model-driven approach allows you to define and maintain the system’s desired state, guaranteeing you can scale automation the right way to keep both your IT infrastructure and your business secure and compliant while delivering applications more quickly.

About Puppet by Perforce

Puppet by Perforce empowers people to innovate through infrastructure automation. For more than a dozen years, Puppet has led the way in IT infrastructure automation to simplify complexity for the masses in order to strengthen customers’ security posture, compliance standards, and business resiliency beyond the data center to the cloud. In 2022, Puppet was acquired by Perforce Software.

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