The Power of IT Automation Empowers You | Puppet Enterprise

The Power of IT Automation Empowers You | Puppet Enterprise

Oct 31, 2022

With Puppet, the power of IT automation empowers you. Learn more at

Too many companies use patchwork solutions for configuration management and IT automation, leading to unmanageable complexity and huge security risks. IT operators are on-call day and night to address security breaches, and toil for weeks manually provisioning servers. But no one would expect you to wash 10,000 dishes by hand – so why are IT operators expected to configure 10,000 servers manually?

Enter Puppet Enterprise. Puppet Enterprise takes a holistic approach to configuration management, weaving in security and compliance to keep your business resilient and your infrastructure in a known good state so you can increase operational efficiency, reduce compliance risk, and quickly and easily deploy applications.

With Puppet Enterprise, IT operators can get back their time and peace of mind – and companies can save millions of dollars while improving their security and compliance.

About Puppet by Perforce

Puppet by Perforce empowers people to innovate through infrastructure automation. For more than a dozen years, Puppet has led the way in IT infrastructure automation to simplify complexity for the masses in order to strengthen customers’ security posture, compliance standards, and business resiliency beyond the data center to the cloud. In 2022, Puppet was acquired by Perforce Software.

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