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How to: Reliability Insights Overview in Blameless

In this video, our Solutions Engineer walks you through the Reliability Insights view in Blameless. Discover how to create custom data dashboards. You might start with MTTX metrics, but what other metrics are reliability teams following closely? We'll show you how to get those set up in Blameless.

Jira Integrations with Blameless platform

In this video, our Solutions Engineer walks you through the steps of creating Jira tickets and follow up actions in Blameless. You'll learn how to leverage our Slack integration for quick ticket creation and also how to create tickets from within the Blameless platform. You'll also see how closing a ticket in Jira will automatically close a ticket in Blameless. Additionally, you'll discover how to manage open tickets and incidents in an organized Blameless dashboard.

How to use PagerDuty with Blameless

Blameless integrates with PagerDuty so you can notify teams and key stakeholders during an incident. We also help you search escalation policies and on-call rotation schedules. In this video, our Solutions Engineer walks you through navigating the initial setup and configuration in the Blameless UI. He'll then demonstrate how the integration works in real-time. If you use Slack or Microsoft Teams for internal communications, you'll also learn how to access and manage the PagerDuty integration from within those tools.

SLOs: What, Why, and How?

What are SLOs, why are they important, and how can I start crafting them? We get these questions every day. In response, we’re hosting a webinar titled, “SLOs: What, Why, and How?” May 3, 2021 at 1 PM PDT. Kurt Andersen (SRE Architect), Dan Genzale (Director of Infrastructure), and Nicolas Philip (Director PM) will be speaking with one another in a fireside chat about SLO best practices.

SRE Leader Panel: Business Agility is what matters, SRE can help you get there

Ready for another SRE Thought Leader Panel? This one is themed, Business Agility is what matters, SRE can help you get there. We’re chatting about topics like the value of crisis during incident response, the best and worst tech transformations we’ve seen, how reliability impacts the flow of value, and more. This panel is hosted by Chris Hendrix, staff software engineer at Blameless and features guests.

SRE Thought Leader Panel: SRE Adoption as Organizational Transformation

SRE adoption can be difficult. It’s more than just new tooling; it requires a change of process and mindset as well. So how can we go about convincing our organizations that SRE is worthwhile? How can we drive this change? Learn from experts who have done this in our latest SRE Thought Leader Panel “SRE Adoption as Organizational Transformation.” Panelists include: Kurt Andersen, SRE Architect at Blameless Vanessa Yiu, Executive Director, Enterprise Architecture at Goldman Sachs Tony Hansmann, Former Global CTO at Pivotal Software, Inc. Chris Hendrix (Host), Staff Software Engineer at Blameless