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How to Use Google PageSpeed Insights Correctly: A Technical Guide

PageSpeed Insights is a Google web tool that analyzes web page performance and optimization. It provides valuable insights and recommendations to help website developers improve their websites’ speed and user experience. With this tool, we can better understand how a website performs on different devices and networks. In this post, we’re going to look at how to use it correctly, as well as giving you some technical tips along the way. Alright, let’s jump in!

Top 15 Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Infrastructure monitoring tools ensure systems’ optimal performance and availability, enabling the identification and resolution of potential issues before they become complex. This article delves into the different infrastructure monitoring tools available and their impact on business continuity and operational efficiency.

Top 20 Server Monitoring Tools of 2023

A server monitoring tool is software that monitors the operation and general health of servers and other components of IT infrastructure. These tools continuously track and gather information on a variety of parameters, such as CPU utilization, memory usage, disc space consumption, network traffic, and application performance. So, you get real-time insights into a server’s functionality and health, and IT specialists can identify and address issues before they affect end users.

Real User Monitoring (RUM) vs. Synthetic Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RAM) and Synthetic Monitoring are two different approaches to website and application monitoring. They both serve the same purpose of ensuring optimal performance of a website or application, but they differ in how they collect data and the types of insights they provide. Understanding the difference between the two can help you determine which approach is best suited for your specific needs.

Top 25 Server Monitoring Tools

By implementing a server monitoring tool, you can keep better track of your entire IT infrastructure, and make sure your servers aren’t experiencing downtime. If downtime does occur, server monitoring tools like ours at Dotcom-Monitor will act to alert you to issues so you can your team can take prompt action and minimize impact for your users, in addition to identifying the root cause of the problem to avoid further unplanned downtime.

Top 20 Synthetic Monitoring Tools

Synthetic monitoring is a means to monitor applications, pages, APIs, etc., from the user’s perspective so you can best understand how they perform for actual users. IT professionals use synthetic monitoring to run simple uptime checks and to monitor complex, mission-critical business transactions. Synthetic monitoring tools also allow you to test and monitor third-party applications, which can impact how your users experience your websites and web applications.

Web Monitoring Tools, Uptime & Your Business Online

Online business operations are ubiquitous now. Despite the big advantages of web-based business, it still comes with risks that could be detrimental if there’s no troubleshooting strategy already in place. One of the largest risks to doing business online is availability. Businesses are expected to perform online at the highest level every minute of every day, globally and across devices, which can be difficult for engineers and development teams to maintain.

How to Monitor HTML Canvas for Load and Uptime

Before diving into how to monitor HTML Canvas, let’s define it. HTML Canvas is a powerful feature of HTML5 that allows developers to create and manipulate graphics, animations, and other visual effects using JavaScript. It’s a blank slate on which you can draw whatever you want, making it an excellent tool for creating interactive and dynamic web content.

How to Monitor Website Uptime in 2023

An essential element of your business success lies in establishing trust between you and your users. A big part of this is a reliable website that performs and is there when your users need it. We’ll show you how a website uptime monitoring tool can help you achieve excellence online, with all the wide-ranging benefits that encompasses, not least engendering trust between you and your users.

Why Uptime Monitoring Is Essential for Your Business

Website downtime is a serious concern for businesses as it directly impacts the bottom line and can cause significant downstream effects as users turn to alternatives. You and your team can spend hundreds of hours to improve your websites, add new features, and create great content. If your website comes down at a critical moment, these efforts are wasted and users are left wondering about your business’ ability to function in the digital world.