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Making waves in IT Ops

It feels a bit surreal stepping into the Regional Vice President of Sales position here at BigPanda just a few months after the company achieved Unicorn status. In more than 15 years of managing enterprise software sales, this is the first time I knew I was going to play a critical role in facilitating a company’s ascension to the top of their sector. Even in college, I knew this is what I wanted.

Whiskey and Wisdom: Justifying AIOps

Whiskey and Wisdom is a monthly executive-only forum where IT Operations leaders can network independently and discuss high-level AI operations and IT Ops strategies with their industry peers. In our most recent session, the discussion was around justifying AIOps—proving the value the technology brings to the table.

Incident Commanders: where are they now?

BigPanda gives the Incident Commander award to IT Ops superstars—people who go above and beyond in this high-pressure, critical line of work. In 2021, Ben Narramore, Director of Operations/Service Management at PlayStation was a recipient for his ability to handle high-impact global incidents with exemplary professionalism and skill. Let’s find out what he’s been up to…

AIOps' certainty in an uncertain future

BigPanda’s recent coronation as a Unicorn has prompted its leaders to look to the future of IT Operations and how it relates to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine lifiearning (ML). What is BigPanda’s role in improving IT Ops? How can AIOps contribute to greater achievement in global enterprises? These are questions a VP of Product Marketing like BigPanda’s Mohan Kompella, who has spent 15+ years in IT Operations, has been asking.

Accelerate AIOps Scalability With New Self-Service Incidents API

BigPanda offers a diverse set of APIs to enterprises looking to move faster and scale incident response workflows seamlessly. APIs are core to automating repeated incident response workflows that enable IT Ops to keep up with the pace of change and innovation agile teams need to thrive. In Q4 of 2021, BigPanda announced the general availability of new self-service APIs including an updated Incidents API.

What's behind BigPanda's customers' success?

As the Regional VP of Customer Success for the West and Central Region at BigPanda, Chris LaPierre gets a unique opportunity to see first-hand how BigPanda customers use their AIOps platform. Charged with ensuring every BigPanda customer derives high value and return on investment from the solution, BigPanda’s customer success teams make certain customers leverage the AIOps platform to increase their bottom line.

What BigPanda's recent funding means for our customers

The effects of BigPanda’s most recent round of funding—amounting to $190 million—will be reverberating throughout the company for years to come. And it’s not just BigPanda employees who have experienced a surge of enthusiasm in the wake of our Unicorn status. Our customers are thrilled at the prospect of more innovation from our team and new products that help them automate and evolve.

Quick reads from the Value and Adoption team: The Importance Self-Healing (and How It Works)

Most folks familiar with BigPanda know that automation is a foundational block of our technology. Our platform automates the entire events pipeline with functions including standardizing and deduplicating alerts, cutting down on the volume of incidents, and automated enrichment that provides better context and alert payloads. But these are all part of an inbound flow of events through integrations.

The Six Trends Overwhelming IT Ops-and What to Do About Them

IT Operations is experiencing lightning-fast change right now. From the emergence of cloud computing to the explosion of data—not to mention ever-present cyber threats—every day is a new day for IT Ops. At BigPanda, we’re laser-focused on making life easier for IT Ops teams, which means we’re staying on top of all this change to help IT Ops keep up.

Overheard at Bamboo Lounge: Making sense of IT Ops KPIs

Every IT Ops team uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to track metrics that keep them accountable, improving, and contributing to long-term success. But it’s easy for teams to lose sight of what KPIs to use, how many they should use, and how to derive meaning from them. To shed light on what constitutes a meaningful KPI, Sterling Nostedt, BigPanda’s Value and Adoption advisor, hosted a community conversation which spanned across multiple industries.