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Why Your Business Needs To Monitor Microsoft Teams

To give your business the best Microsoft Teams experience you need to monitor Microsoft Teams make sure all the features you are paying for are actually working. To do that, you need visibility into how it is working, how well it is working, and where any problems might arise.

3 Tips to Deliver Microsoft Teams Service Excellence

As we continue to see Microsoft Teams usage skyrocket, now more than ever, users are depending on Microsoft Teams service excellence to maintain productivity. But it can be challenging to deliver a reliable user experience in today’s modern workplace. There are many factors in the IT environment impacting Microsoft Teams performance, and IT teams typically don’t have full visibility into them, or the service quality delivered to end users.

Managing Microsoft Teams Services: Redesigning IT Silos for Cloud-Based Services

IT silos, which originated from operational processes that made sense in an on-premise world are still a fact today. It’s easy to understand how these silos, which segregate and isolate IT data and operations from other points in the infrastructure came about.

Supercharge Your SBC Call Detail Records

As Teams Phone becomes the norm in the Enterprise space, managing the quality of service delivery and user satisfaction, whether it’s cloud or connected to the PSTN, is mission critical. Teams PSTN calls are used for just about every type of meeting as well as for Contact Centers, Customer service, town halls and client pitches. Because of this ubiquitous usage, Enterprise IT needs analytics to understand how this service is performing for users and when problems are occurring.

Make Meetings Work in the Modern Workplace: Introducing Microsoft Teams Meeting Room Monitoring

Today’s organizations are adapting office spaces and technology to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce. Microsoft is leading the way, bridging the gap between people working remotely and those in the office with the Microsoft Teams Meeting Room solution that allows everyone to be seen, heard, and fully participate from anywhere.

Resolving Teams User Experience Problems with Data Rather than Guesswork

Vitrolife Saves More than 10,000 Hours of Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting with Vantage DX Sweden-based Vitrolife has approximately 1,200 employees spread across 20 countries worldwide. In their hybrid workplace, the IT team felt as if they were working with a blindfold on when it came to figuring out the source of a problem impacting Microsoft Teams performance.

The Who, What and Where of Delivering Microsoft Teams Mobile Calling Service Quality

Microsoft Teams users, whether they use peer-to-peer calls, meetings, or PSTN Telephony very often switch from their laptop to their mobile and expect reliable call quality on all devices. Monitoring and ensuring call quality for Microsoft Teams users, in general, is already challenging at times. But when it comes to Microsoft Teams mobile calling, there is added complexity for IT teams.

Mapping Microsoft Teams Call Flows to the Microsoft Front Door - Martello Vantage DX Feature Spotlight

In late 2021, Microsoft published an article regarding the connectivity principles for securely managing Microsoft 365 traffic in order to get the best possible performance. Take me to the Article: Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity Principles >> In the section focused on avoiding network hairpins, Microsoft states that as a general rule, the shortest and most direct route/call flow between the user and their closest Microsoft 365 endpoint will offer the best performance.