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Product Roundup: New Blameless Features in June 2022

Summer means things are heating up. And things are definitely heating up at Blameless! We’ve been hard at work delivering new features and capabilities to our customers, so today I wanted to share a quick summary of all the latest. Here are 4 exciting product updates that enhance the way teams manage incidents and deliver reliable products to their customers.

Calling all Reliability Practitioners: Participate in the SRE Survey 2022

For the past four years, Catchpoint and various partners have been running a yearly SRE Survey. This year, Blameless is excited to partner with Catchpoint for the fifth annual survey. We want to hear from you if you are in a DevOps or SRE role or even if you work on reliability with some other title or role. There are tremendous, valuable learnings when we listen closely to practitioners.

5 Reliability Insights That Immediately Transform Your SRE

As infrastructure engineers, there’s so much you can learn from studying past incidents. Luckily, Blameless Reliability Insights helps you find patterns that better equip you to deal with incidents to come. If you’ve never used it before and you’re curious what it looks like, you can watch a video demo here! These statistical insights give you the power to learn everything you can when something goes wrong. ‍