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March 2024

Frontend Debugging Is Bad and it Should Feel Bad

There’s a sentence that strikes fear into the heart of every frontend developer I've ever met: Users are reporting issues, and we don't know how to replicate them. What do you do when that happens? Do you cry? Do you mark the issue as wontfix and move on? Personally, I took the road less traveled: gave up frontend engineering and moved into product management (this is not actually accurate but it's a good joke and it feels truthy).

Transforming Financial Services with Modern Observability: Moov's Story

As a new company poised to transform the financial services industry with its modern money movement platform, Moov wanted an equally modern observability platform as part of the company’s operational tech stack. With Moov's platform hosted in Google Cloud, it uses a diverse range of technologies to allow clients to accept, store, send, and spend money. The integration of numerous software providers further amplifies the complexity of each transaction.

OpenTelemetry Best Practices #2 Agents, Sidecars, Collectors, Coded Instrumentation

For years, we’ve been installing what vendors have referred to as “agents” that reach into our applications and pull out useful telemetry information from them. From monitoring agents, to full-blown APM tools, this has been the standard for many decades. With OpenTelemetry though, the term “agent” isn’t used as much, and in most scenarios means something slightly different.

Focused Labs & Honeycomb: Better Together

We're excited to unveil a new collaboration with Focused Labs, a leap forward in our shared commitment to advancing modern observability practices and enhancing the robustness of legacy systems. This partnership is not just about scaling our service offerings but also about integrating Focused Labs' deep engineering expertise with our observability platform to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

OpenTelemetry Best Practices #1: Naming

Naming things, and specifically consistently naming things, is still one of the most useful pieces of work you can do in telemetry. It’s often overlooked as something that will just happen naturally and won’t cause too much of an issue—but it doesn’t happen naturally, it does cause issues, and you end up having to fix the data in pipelines or your backend tool.

Driving Culture Change: Phorest's Observability Transformation

Phorest wanted a tool to help foster a culture of observability among the engineers at an affordable and predictable price. With their application stack hosted on AWS, Phorest delivers a premier software solution that empowers their salon and spa business customers to thrive. Ensuring every engineer has access to an observability tool is integral to the company's success model, enabling them to deliver great code for their designated software services.