What's New at Kentik, Episode 1

What's New at Kentik, Episode 1

Nov 30, 2023

Welcome to the inaugural episode of "What's New at Kentik?" hosted by our technology evangelist, Leon Adato. Learn about the latest advancements and offerings from Kentik, the network observability company, revolutionizing how you manage your digital infrastructure. In this episode, Leon unveils complete Azure observability for Kentik Cloud, introduces the groundbreaking Kentik Kube for Kubernetes visibility, and discusses how to tackle DDoS attacks and spoof traffic with Kentik Protect. Plus, don't miss our "new to you" segment, revealing lesser-known but powerful features of the Kentik Network Observability Platform.

Whether you're dealing with multi-cloud, on-prem environments, or Kubernetes clusters, discover how Kentik provides clarity and control over your network. Stay tuned for expert insights, customer stories, and a touch of humor. For more information, check out the links below. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and comment with your thoughts and questions!

Covered in this episode:

Kentik Cloud for Azure Observability

Video demos: https://www.kentik.com/go/video/kentik-map-azure/

Blog post - Announcing Complete Azure Observability for Kentik Cloud: https://www.kentik.com/blog/announcing-complete-azure-observability-for-kentik-cloud/

Kentik Kube: Network Observability for Kubernetes

Video demo - Troubleshooting Kubernetes Network Performance Issues: https://www.kentik.com/resources/troubleshooting-kubernetes-network-performance-issues/

Blog post - Introducing Kentik Kube: https://www.kentik.com/blog/introducing-kentik-kube/

Kentik Kube Solution Brief: https://www.kentik.com/resources/kentik-kube-kubernetes-monitoring/


Webinar replay - Fighting DDoS at the Source: https://www.kentik.com/resources/fighting-ddos-at-the-source/

Blog post - Using Kentik to Fight DDoS at the Source: https://www.kentik.com/blog/using-kentik-to-fight-ddos-at-the-source/

Kentik Customer, Cogent Communications: https://www.cogentco.com/en/

Blog post - Network Teams deserve nice things, too: https://www.kentik.com/blog/why-cant-network-teams-have-nice-things/