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May 2023

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What is an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) and Why It Matters

In today's evolving technological landscape, enterprises are under increasing pressure to deliver high-quality software at an accelerated pace. Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) provide a centralized developer portal that empowers developers with self-service capabilities, standardized development environments, and automation tools to accelerate the software development lifecycle. In this week's blog, we're taking a closer look at internal developer platforms and how implementing IDPs is helping organizations overcome the complexity of modern software development and increase developer efficiency to accelerate the delivery of software products.

Amazon Security Lake & ChaosSearch deliver security analytics with industry-leading cost & unlimited retention

Amazon Security Lake is a new service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that is designed to help organizations improve their security posture by automating the collection, normalization, and consolidation of security-related log and event data from integrated AWS services and third-party services (Source Partners). By centralizing all the security data in a single location, organizations can gain greater visibility and identify potential threats more quickly.

CloudWatch Logs to S3: The Easy Way

Many organizations use Amazon CloudWatch to analyze log data, but find that restrictive CloudWatch log retention issues hold them back from effective troubleshooting and root-cause analysis. As a result, many companies may be looking for effective ways to export CloudWatch logs to S3 automatically. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might want to export CloudWatch logs to S3 in the first place, along with some Amazon-native and open-source tools to help you with the process.

Fast-Growing SaaS Scales Log Analytics with Huge Cost Savings

Transeo is a mobile-friendly platform enabling students, counselors, and administrators to share community service opportunities and hours served — online and in real-time. With one goal in mind, eliminate time-consuming administrative overhead and shift the focus from paperwork to people, Transeo turned to ChaosSearch to help them bring order to the massive quantity of disparate, log data output.

3 Ways to Break Down SaaS Data Silos

Access to data is critical for SaaS companies to understand the state of their applications, and how that state affects customer experience. However, most companies use multiple applications, all of which generate their own independent data. This leads to data silos, or a group of raw data that is accessible to one stakeholder or department and not another.

From Silos to Collaboration: How to Democratize Data in Product Analytics

Companies who develop software products generate massive quantities of product performance and user engagement data that can be analyzed to support decision-making about everything from feature planning and UX design to sales, marketing, and customer support.