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March 2021

Scaling Software Supply Chains Securely

Software supply chains are mission-critical for digital businesses, and as global conditions accelerate the growth in contactless interactions and transactions, many organizations are reviewing how to solve the challenge of scaling the volume and velocity of their software development and release processes to meet the digital demand. The latest JFrog Platform release delivers a rich payload of new capabilities to scale and secure the software supply chain for digital businesses.

Six Simple Steps to Your First CI/CD DevOps Pipeline in JFrog Pipelines

See how easy it is to get started, and start working with a simple “Hello World” DevOps pipeline. Along the way, you’ll learn some fundamental Pipelines concepts. Here’s what you’ll need: Login to your JFrog Cloud account with the JFrog Platform credentials provided to you by email.

Boost Permissions Management with JFrog on Azure through Active Directory SSO

When you’ve chosen Microsoft Azure to host your JFrog Cloud Enterprise or Enterprise+ subscription, you’ll naturally want to make good use of the services Azure provides for security and user administration. DevOps security starts with who has access to your builds, releases, and automation.

Paving The Road, From Code To Kubernetes With JFrog And Microsoft

The shift to modern application architectures, often based on microservices running in cloud infrastructures and built using DevOps and CI/CD principles, has been a game changer for how applications are developed. The shift, however, introduces some new complexities. JFrog and Microsoft have been on the forefront of this shift. We’ve heard about these new complexities from you on your development journey, and your need for a simple, cloud-native, Kubernetes enabled way to deliver better quality software faster.

Java 16 Commits to Git and GitHub: A Personal Reflection

I was introduced to Git and GitHub in May of 2014 – just shy of 10 years since Git was created in 2005. That same day I was also handed a MacBook Pro laptop and an IntelliJ license, the main tools with which I was to begin my new role as a developer in a new position at a new company. It all sounds lovely, right?

How to set up Software Security and Compliance for Your Artifacts

The simplest way to ensure the safety of all the open source (OSS) components used by your teams and sites, is with a software composition analysis (SCA) tool. You need an automated and reliable way to manage and keep track of your open source usage. With JFrog Xray, you can set up vulnerability and license compliance scanning built into your software development lifecycle (SDLC).

My Build, My Way | JFrog Pipelines Extensions

Once my new projects are almost ready to share with the team and I can build and test them locally, I’ll need a CI automation tool to test and deploy each release. As a Principal Consultant Declarative Systems, I’ve been recommending JFrog Artifactory to clients looking to bullet-proof their deployments since 2016. After considering different CI solutions, we found that JFrog Pipelines has the best integration with Artifactory which made choosing this platform a no-brainer.

Java Artifacts Just Got Better: jpackage is Production Ready in Java 16

If you shudder thinking about compilation for different platforms, I know the feeling. One of the Java promises, the WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) principle, while revolutionizing platform independence, it stopped short of one more step – to be able to deploy anywhere. Personally, I think that WORADA sounds awesome, but I guess before Docker it didn’t occur to people that eliminating “works on my machine” is as simple as shipping your machine.

What's New with JFrog Artifactory and Xray

Get the latest on self-hosted Docker rate limits, cutting through violation noise and new package type support. Without doubt, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years for everyone in recent history, but especially for those in the world of DevOps. JFrog has strived to continue developing and innovating at the same pace, to give our customers an even better end-to-end DevOps experience, and help customers maintain their drum-beat of on-time releases.

We're Bringing Cloud DevOps to Government Clouds on AWS and Azure

Helping software producers achieve compliance with regulatory requirements has been a huge part of our focus at JFrog. That’s why many in the most regulated industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, and retail are our customers for DevOps. We’re excited to announce that JFrog DevOps Platform solutions – JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray – are now available with native deployment templates for customers using AWS GovCloud (US) and Azure Government clouds.

Managing Docker Images with the JFrog Platform

Managing Docker images from development to production is a challenge for many companies looking to scale. IImages full of packages containing layers of different file types creates a needle in a haystack situation when hunting down security vulnerabilities or dependency issues. On top of worrying about what versions of what images are ready for release, in order to create a streamlined delivery process for Docker images, you also need to incorporate security into your pipeline. In this webinar, we will cover some important topics on why your teams should use Artifactory as your Docker Registry and the many benefits and advantages that come along with it.