Unlock Peace of Mind: Database Backup Strategy

Unlock Peace of Mind: Database Backup Strategy

May 16, 2024

Stop worrying about data loss and use NinjaOne Backup to help back up your databases! This webinar will showcase several strategies on how to backup common databases like SQL or QuickBooks using NinjaOne Backup – including what steps to take, the automation to utilize, and effective scheduling tactics. More specifically, learn how to:

  • Craft a backup plan for your specific needs
  • Leverage automation for a stress-free database backup process
  • Utilize NinjaOne Backup’s flexible plans to handle database backups like SQL or QuickBooks
  • And more!

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Additional Resources:
Microsoft SQL Backup Script: github.com/wise-io/scripts/blob/main/scripts/BackupSQL.ps1
MySQL Backup Script: pastebin.com/x2FpLWdg
Bill's Script / Scheduled Task: https://go.ninjaone.com/l/652283/2024-05-16/4hbtxt/652283/1715873217UF1z45cv/Bill_s_Script.pdf