Process Automation and Rundeck OSS Release Notes v4.7.0

Process Automation and Rundeck OSS Release Notes v4.7.0

Oct 18, 2022

Product Manager Jake Cohen dons both the zipup and the hat this week to take us through the new features and plugins for the v4.7.0 release of Process Automation and Rundeck Open Source. For more information, the full release notes are available here:

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Intro

01:07 - ROI data is in incubation. Find out how much time you’re saving by using automation.

03:42 - Enhanced progress badge plugin ( Get a visual indication that a job step has failed and easily pinpoint issues. ❌✅

06:30 - Demo of the new features. Use PagerDuty to trigger an Automation Action for Diagnostics jobs on Process Automation. Updates will be reported to your incident timeline with visual indicators.

10:15 - Set the new indicators up with Log Filters:

10:55 - Setting up the ROI metrics in your Process Automation jobs

12:55 - How the new plugins help reduce your #MTTR and improve customer experience

17:30 - What to look for in 4.8.0. Cloud status and a rearchitecting of credential storage for plugins

For more on Automated Diagnostics, check out this blog post:

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