PagerDuty Integration Spotlight: Honeycomb

PagerDuty Integration Spotlight: Honeycomb

Honeycomb delivers observability for modern engineering and DevOps teams to observe, debug, and improve production systems efficiently.

The PagerDuty + Honeycomb integration uses Honeycomb Triggers to notify on-call responders based on alerts sent from Honeycomb. This integration is maintained and supported by Honeycomb.

Liz Fong-Jones from Honeycomb joined us live on Twitch to share more about how Honeycomb and PagerDuty can be used together to help your teams and to do some live investigation into Honeycomb’s own performance data.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Intro

00:50 - The relationship between PagerDuty and Honeycomb

01:10 - Service Level Objectives #slo and Error Budgets #errorbudget

02:30 - Using the metrics and SLO to decide how urgent an issue is via Honeycomb

03:50 - Integrating Honeycomb with PagerDuty

06:38 - Liz has a hobby project for her Eve Online account that alerts her teammates via PagerDuty for events in-game

10:45 - Using SLOs to improve your alert noise and response workflow

11:40 - Looking at Honeycomb Triggers with the Honeycomb data

15:00 - Honeycomb’s sample projects on Glitch for getting started with Honeycomb

18:45 - Sending triggers to PagerDuty using a service integration

22:00 - What Honeycomb gives PagerDuty users that is different from other tools with a look at what Honeycomb monitors about Honeycomb

27:00 - Looking at live data on the Honeycomb platform for interesting anomalies and digging into slow actions in the traces

35:00 - Honeycomb workshops

36:00 - A bit on #OpenTelemetry

39:00 - Changes and their impact on your operations