PagerDuty Integration Spotlight: Buildkite

PagerDuty Integration Spotlight: Buildkite

Sep 13, 2021

PagerDuty’s Change Events are a powerful way to collect information from your service ecosystem. To maintain velocity as your application deployments scale, every second counts. Integrating Buildkite with PagerDuty ensures you have all the information you need, when you need it. After you install the integration from the PagerDuty Service Directory, you’ll be able to configure your #Buildkite pipelines to send change events to your services whenever a build completes, pass or fail. Need to filter signal from noise? Support for conditional notifications ensures you’re only sending the data that matters to you. PagerDuty provides the event intelligence, Buildkite provides the events. You’ll never need to ask “Who changed what?!?” again.

Buildkite’s Mel Kaulfuss and Nick Rycar join us to show off just how easy it is to integrate your Buildkite pipelines and send change events to your services in PagerDuty.

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Check out the documentation about Change Events to learn how they can help your team!

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Learn more about Buildkite at
Set up your own integration: and

0:00 - Intro

1:47 - Introduction to PagerDuty Change Events

5:00 - Buildkite integration with PagerDuty

6:30 - Add your PagerDuty configuration to your Buildkite pipeline configuration

6:45 - Add Buildkite to your PagerDuty service

7:30 - Add an integration key to your Buildkite pipeline configuration

8:15 - Sample build pipelines in Buildkite

9:00 - Build agents for Buildkite

11:00 - Example event object in JSON

13:45 - See a full timeline from changes in GitHub to the build in Buildkite recorded in PagerDuty

18:30 - Change events related to an open incident. Add a responder based on who made a change.

20:00 - Additional features of Buildkite, running parallel distributed jobs

27:15 - The Shared Responsibility Model

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