Modernize Your Operations with Automated Incident Response

Modernize Your Operations with Automated Incident Response

PagerDuty helps developers and IT professionals adopt full service ownership to ensure that those who go on call are 1) only interrupted by an alert when necessary, and 2) equipped with tools to remove the toil from managing incident response. Automating incident response increases developer and IT staff productivity, improves customer experience from service interruptions and unplanned downtime, and improves responder morale. Learn from PagerDuty customer Guidewire how Automated Incident Response can do all this for your teams.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction

1:44 Evolution of Incident Response

3:42 Crossing the Chasm to Automated Incident Response

5:56 PagerDuty Operations Cloud

8:16 Guidewire Customer Story - Using PagerDuty for Automated Incident Response

14:10 Closing Thoughts

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