HowTo Happy Hour: Intelligent Alert Grouping

HowTo Happy Hour: Intelligent Alert Grouping

PagerDuty’s Intelligent Alert Grouping features provide your team with relief from excessive alerting. Data Scientists Max Li and Everaldo Aguiar joined us on Twitch to talk about and show off how these machine learning-supported features can work for you.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Intro

01:30 - What is alert grouping? We discuss time-based alert grouping, content-based alert grouping, and intelligent alert grouping

05:00 - A deep dive on what intelligent alert grouping does and how it works

10:00 - How to set up alert grouping in your PagerDuty account

12:45 - See the impact intelligent alert grouping can have on the number of incidents for your team

14:00 - New feature: recommended grouping window

17:00 - Q&A

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