April Phools' Phishing Challenge

April Phools' Phishing Challenge

Mar 31, 2022

Can you do what you advise your clients and spot a phishing attempt when you see one?

Watch this "April Phools" edition of our MSP Live Chats series with special guest Connor Swalm, CEO of Phin Security, who showcased the latest tricks and tactics attackers are using to get victims on the hook.

Don't miss OITVOIP CEO Ray Orsini, Lifecycle Insights' Alex Farling, and the rest of our panel as they played a high-stakes game of "spot the phish" on the LIVE event.

⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️

1:00 — Introductions

5:00 — Examining social engineering phishes

9:00 — How to train users to spot a phish

20:00 — Phishing Log

30:00 — Latest phishing attack methods

33:00 — Audience Phishing Challenge

50:00 — Panel outro

58:00 — Upcoming Events

Check out the recording to hear us cover the following and more:

  • The latest cyber insurance requirements re: phishing and security awareness training
  • Right and wrong ways to do phishing simulations that can have clients either singing your praises or looking to take their business elsewhere
  • Examples of effective training materials and tips for making training a compelling and profitable part of your services

Grab the resources doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTffje2UYk8g8jHOnWgg_N8is5-uQrl8MmbhquFfC_vD4Gm4pQjEHjgWN8_SoQM1JOaO_wHWMLKZFfG/pub

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