Puppet Invests in Platform Approach, Strengthens Self-Service Automation and Expands Automation Capabilities To More People in More Places

Puppet Invests in Platform Approach, Strengthens Self-Service Automation and Expands Automation Capabilities To More People in More Places

Portland, OR.—November 17, 2020— Puppet, the industry standard for infrastructure automation, today announced its evolution to an integrated automation platform to enable key business initiatives such as scaling DevOps, risk reduction, policy as code, and evolving cloud strategies. The Puppet Enterprise Platform integrates Puppet's flagship product, Puppet Enterprise with the recently introduced event-driven automation platform, Relay by Puppet.

The company also announced Puppet Connect, a stand-alone solution which will connect people and teams through a self-service user interface to run agentless tasks and orchestration to deliver and operate cloud and on-premises applications.

Puppet Enterprise Platform is the first to provide all three styles of automation: task-driven orchestration, model-driven infrastructure as code and API event-driven workflow in a single platform. The Puppet Enterprise Platform offers extensibility through thousands of pre-built automation modules and hundreds of API integrations from the Puppet Forge. As enterprises adopt platform team strategies and expand their cloud strategies, infrastructure stacks, tools and processes are getting more complicated, not less. Puppet Enterprise Platform helps ensure those platform teams can take advantage of the automation expertise of Puppet and expand it to others within their organizations.

"As a company and a community of infrastructure enthusiasts, we have always sought to simplify the complexity of managing infrastructure at scale through abstractions and automation. Our goal is to help our customers solve higher-order problems," said Deepak Giridharagopal, CTO at Puppet. "With the Puppet Enterprise Platform, we give our customers the ability to automate everything: simple tasks, complex systems both on-prem and in the cloud and, with Relay, workflows that have sprung up in cloud-native environments."

Introducing Puppet Connect

Arriving in early 2021, Puppet Connect empowers Cloud, Application and Platform teams to codify and scale their unique automation expertise by publishing and sharing content for self-service use by others within their organization. This offers beneficiaries of shared content a safe, simple and easy way to run expert-built automation on their own. Puppet Connect is based on the Bolt engine, which means it comes out of the box ready to run high-quality task-based content available today from Puppet Forge.

"As various IT infrastructure and application teams adopt cloud-native tools and strategies, they often see isolated success. That success does not propagate evenly to other teams in the organization. Additionally, given the sheer number of cloud-native tools available, different teams often choose different tools to achieve their goals. This creates a tool sprawl problem for organizations that further siloes teams and their successes," said Abby Kearns, CTO of Puppet. "This is where Puppet Connect comes in, it gives teams a better way to connect their tools and codify their processes that can be shared with others in the organization through self-service."

The latest State of DevOps report revealed a platform approach to software delivery helps organizations standardize and scale DevOps practices, with 63 percent of respondents stating their company has at least one self-service internal platform. Even more revealing was that self-service capabilities were seen at higher levels of DevOps evolution — more evolved organizations are almost twice as likely as mid-level organizations to have high usage of internal platforms with self-service capabilities.

Relay Integrates with Puppet Enterprise

Relay was born to solve the integration complexities of today's enterprise infrastructure environment, making it simple to automate the explosion of tools, technologies, and API events created in cloud-native environments. This integration allows Puppet Enterprise customers to connect to cloud-native environments via Relay workflows and helps put environments in a good known state more quickly with event-driven automation. Event-driven responses can include automatically informing individuals on Slack, integrating with different ticketing systems, or triggering incident response tools like Splunk On-Call.

"The acceleration of digital transformation across all businesses and the management of highly distributed resources around the globe has accelerated the need to adopt modern architectures including microservices, hybrid clouds, and the virtualization of the enterprise. This rapid transformation makes it increasingly more difficult to manage all the complexities of hybrid environments, automation of manual processes, and the complexities of geographically dispersed teams and resources," said Stan Chan, Senior Software Engineer at Uber. "Relay delivers solutions for enterprises to solve these problems and more. It delivers the promise of an automated future by enabling organizations to build smarter in order to solve real-world business processes in a modern, elegant, and effective way."

To learn more about Puppet Connect and Relay, please visit our website or join us at Puppetize Digital on November 19 for keynotes from Yvonne Wassenaar, CEO at Puppet, as well as Abby Kearns and Deepak Giridharagopal, both CTOs at Puppet.

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