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September 2019

Log Management and Graylog Alerts - Keeping Track of Events in Real-Time

Every log management solution out there has its own alerting feature. Alerts are a critical component of every logging tool. They can tell you whether an event is something you want to check out rather than just normal everyday activity you want to ignore. Graylog’s simplified interface is incredibly accessible to assist you with all the information you need in real-time, yet scalable enough to never compromise the level of detail provided.

Audit Log: Feature Guide for Security and Compliance

In computing, an audit log is a record of an event. An event is any significant action that impacts the hardware or software of a computer – anything from a mouse click to a program error. Besides documenting which resources were accessed and what for, an audit file system will also include the source and destination addresses, the timestamp, and the user ID information.

Archiving Log Files: Feature Guide for File Storage and Archiving

Every organization that handles large volumes of data should implement an archiving system to separate active from inactive data, including log files. With recent changes in data laws in the EU and the growing needs for log archiving, finding a quality file storage and archiving solution is more important than ever. We will discuss the reasons for archiving data and show you how to successfully store logs and use the Archive feature in Graylog Enterprise.