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December 2023

Log Wrangling Make Your Logs Work For You

Senior Sales Engineer Chris Black enlightens users on 'Log Wrangling’. Utilizing his expertise, Chris compares logs to livestock and provides strategies to manage them effectively, just like a wrangler would handle livestock. Topics discussed include ways to understand and maximize the utility of logs, the complexities of log wrangling, how to simplify the process, and the significance of data normalization. He also touches on organizational policies, the importance of feedback mechanisms in resource management, and key considerations when choosing your log priorities.

Using VPC Flow Logs to Monitor AWS Virtual Public Cloud

While no man is an island, your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is, except it’s a digital island floating in the ocean of a public cloud offered by a cloud service provider (CSP). The VPC means that everything on your digital island is yours, and none of the CSPs other customers can (or should be able to!) access it. You’ve likely been introduced to the shared security model, a sometimes-confusing way that organizations and their cloud-services providers (CSPs) split security responsibilities.

Understanding the difference between OpenSearch and Elasticsearch

Search is a fundamental requirement for anyone working with log files. When you have terabytes and petabytes of data, you need to find answers to questions – fast. The search engine that you choose sits as the cornerstone for any technology that helps you look for the information needed to answer questions. While OpenSearch and Elasticsearch may have similar beginnings, their modern iterations have significant differences.