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May 2022

BIG things are Happening at Graylog!

Did you hear the news? Graylog is on a mission to help make your IT environment and data more efficient and secure by making it super easy to uncover the answers stored in your machine data. At Graylog, coming up with solutions to problems faced by IT and Security professionals is what drives us. Our teams are always working on ways to add meaningful functionality that increases productivity so you can focus your resources on the innovation and core competencies that you’re known for.

Centralized Log Management for Reporting Compliance to Management

It’s 3pm on a Wednesday, and you’re really just done with the week already. You hear that “ping” from your Slack and know that you set notifications for direct messages only, which means, ugh, you have to pay attention to this one. It’s your boss, and she’s telling you to check your email. Then you see it, the dreaded audit documentation request. This will take you the rest of today and most of tomorrow.