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December 2022

Efficient Help Desk Processes with Centralized Log Management

Another day starting up your laptop or workstation, logging into programs, and waiting for that first call to come in. As an IT help desk analyst, you love when you can solve people’s problems, but sometimes the number of calls feels overwhelming. Although each analyst tier responds to different customer or employee concerns, you all share the same basic job functions like answering calls, asking questions, and research answers.

Metrics For Investigating Network Performance Issues

When the world went remote in March 2020, cloud technologies made work possible. Rapid digital transformation changed everyone’s jobs, whether in-office, remote, or hybrid. Today, your business relies on network speed for everything from productivity to customer service. Keeping your company’s services running means you need to make sure you have low-latency connectivity across data centers, users, and cloud.

Why Observability Is Important for IT Ops

Everyday when you come into work, you’re bombarded with a constant stream of problems. From service desk calls to network performance monitoring, you’re busy from the moment you login until the moment you click the “shut down” option on your device. Even more frustrating, your IT environment consists of an ever-expanding set of network segments, applications, devices, users, and databases across on-premises and cloud locations.

What You Need to Know About Log Management Architecture

You’ve made the decision to implement a centralized log management solution because you know that it’s going to save you time and money in the long term. However, to get the most bang for your log management buck, you need to understand how the different parts of your log management deployment work. Once you understand each resource, you can implement a more efficient log management architecture.

Graylog 5.0 - A New Day for IT & SecOps

We are excited to announce the release of Graylog 5.0! Graylog 5.0 brings updates across our entire product line, including changes to infrastructure, Security, Operations, and our Open offerings. For more detailed information on what’s changed, visit our changelog pages for Graylog Open and Graylog Operations/Graylog Security.