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January 2024

Log Less, Achieve More: A Guide to Streamlining Your Logs

Businesses are generating vast amounts of data from various sources, including applications, servers, and networks. As the volume and complexity of this data continue to grow, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage and analyze it effectively. Centralized logging is a powerful solution to this problem, providing a single, unified location for collecting, storing, and analyzing log data from across an organization’s IT infrastructure.

All in the family Architecting and Managing Shared Graylog Clusters

Joel from the Solution Engineering team at Graylog discusses ways to deploy Graylog in a multi-tenant or shared environment and the challenges involved. He dives into the architecture of Graylog, explaining how to use streams, indexes, and permissions. The video focuses on running Graylog in shared capacities, depending on the diverse needs of various departments. Moreover, Joel also talks about traffic accounting and methods to extract data from Graylog. The video is loaded with useful insights from real-world customer experiences, making it a resourceful guide for anyone looking to optimize their Graylog setup.

Graylog Cluster: Navigating Shared Data Like a Pro

As data-rich solutions are important for many businesses, technical information can become overwhelming, especially regarding shared environments and multi-tenancy. In the world of Graylog, we understand these challenges and present the tools you need to keep your cluster running smoothly. Let’s dive into how you can effectively manage shared Graylog clusters.

Why Network Load Balancer Monitoring is Critical

Your networks are the highways that enable data transfers and cloud-based collaboration. Like highways connect people to physical locations, networks connect people to applications and databases. As you would look up the fastest route between two physical locations, your workforce members need the fastest connectivity between two digital locations. Network load balancers enable you to prevent and identify digital “traffic jams” by redistributing incoming network requests across your servers.

Business Intelligence and Log management - Opportunities and challenges

Business intelligence (BI) is all about making sense of huge amounts of data to extract meaningful and actionable insights out of it. Log management tools such as Graylog, instead, are the perfect solution to streamline data collection and analysis, so it’s easy to understand how these two technologies can make sense when they’re coupled together.

Log Wrangling: Leveraging Logs to Optimize Your System

Today, we delve into the art and science of Log Wrangling. This process involves corralling, organizing, and deriving maximum benefits from your logs like handling unpredictable livestock. Why do we do this? Managing logs can be challenging, but we can transform them from a daunting task with the correct approach into a beneficial tool… Graylog.