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Auvik Rollup & Roadmap Update - Q4 2021

Patrick Albert, VP Product Management, and Julie Forsythe, VP Engineering discussed the latest Auvik developments and handy new features in our Q4 2021 Rollup & Roadmap Update. See what's new, from Discovery Dashboard, syslog, and device information improvements to certification updates for SAML SSO admins to out-of-the-box identification support for 40 more devices, and get a sneak peek into what we're working on to improve your troubleshooting experience and product extensibility.

Auvik Presents: Rollup & Retrospective Q2 2021

We’re highlighting value in use cases for network monitoring and management! Auvik has rolled out changes you’ll want to know about. Join Patrick Albert, VP Product Management, and Julie Forsythe, VP Engineering, for a retrospective of the past few months of development and to learn about a few works-in-progress in this informational webinar.

Increase Efficiency with an IT Command Center: N-able Passportal and Auvik

In this webinar, co-hosted by Max Eidsvik of N-able Passportal and Patrick Albert of Auvik, you will learn steps you can take to create an IT command center that will make you more efficient and more proactive. Our hosts discuss best practices including documenting all processes, recording device support information, keeping a full inventory, standardizing client information, linking complimentary documents, and more!

Auvik Presents: Secure IT Operations

In this webinar, we bring IT Ops and IT Security together and discuss what you can do to address two of the biggest struggles that keep so many IT pros awake at night: maintaining the technology you manage, and ensuring that same technology is secure. Presented by Destiny Bertucci, Product Marketing Manager, and Steve Petryschuk, Technology Advocate Interested in improving your operations with the help of network monitoring and management software? Auvik is incredibly easy to set up and super simple to use.

Auvik and TruMethods: Operational Excellence: Learn How to Be a World Class IT Service Provider

As your MSP evolves, it is critical to ensure profitability. Join Auvik’s Partner Success Manager Chrissy Little and TruMethods President Gary Pica as they discuss a simple framework to help. Topics covered in this session include an exercise for uncovering unrealized profitability, five metrics you can track for accountability, three changes to make to your service delivery, and more! If you want to save time managing networks and get deeper visibility into the key metrics, you’ll want to try Auvik’s network monitoring and management software.