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Cheat Codes for Game Development with Sentry and Unity

Whether you’re building the latest FPS or a turn-based classic, you need visibility in how your game is performing on a gamer’s device. Unity is arguably the most popular engine used to develop games so there’s a pretty good chance you, the game developer, are using it. Join Joona Rahko, Principal Software Engineer at Unity, Sentry’s own Bruno Garcia, Mobile Engineering Lead, and Stefan Jandl, Unity SDK Engineer, as they wax poetic about game development, why monitoring matters, and what’s possible with Sentry’s new Unity SDK.

The Future of Open Source: Is it Sustainable?

Open Source projects are at the heart of most software that we depend on everyday. Community-supported volunteers work behind the scenes to make open source better for everyone, but it can be a thankless—and penny-pinching—job. Is it sustainable? Join us in a live virtual event with GitHub Sponsors to find out. We’ll showcase leading maintainers in the community and discuss the future of open source sustainability.

How Sentry Fed the Code Observability Revolution at Shift

What happens when you have to evolve a monolithic application into a microservices architecture in order to scale a doubling Engineering staff while meeting the expectations of a growing business? Join Aaron Chu, Senior Director of Technical Operations and Karan Gupta, CTO at Shift, a modern tech company disrupting the used car industry, as they share Shift’s journey to define their Observability culture. They’ll walk through how Shift uses Sentry to ensure accountability and empower engineers to improve overall outcomes.

Streamline Issue Management and Communication at Scale: Power Home Remodeling and Sentry

When it comes to managing multiple applications and services, driving alignment and communication across teams can be like herding cats. Too many channels, projects, and cross-functional stakeholders can cause friction that slow down issue management and affect the overall product experience.

Vue.JS Live 2021 Workshop: A Different Vue into Web Performance

Solving your front-end performance problems can be hard, but identifying where you have performance problems in the first place can be even harder. In this live workshop held live at Vue.JS 2021, Abhijeet Prasad, software engineer at, dives deep into UX research, browser performance APIs, and developer tools to help show you the reasons why your Vue applications may be slow. He'll help answer questions like, "What does it mean to have a fast website?" and "How do I know if my performance problem is really a problem?". By walking through different example apps, you'll be able to learn how to use and leverage core web vitals, navigation-timing APIs, and distributed tracing to better understand your performance problems.

React Advanced 2021 Workshop: "Building a Sentry: 7 years of open-source React"

Sentry’s Evan Purkhiser and David Wang will walk through Sentry’s 2000+ file Typescript/React codebase at a special workshop that took place at React Advanced 2021. They’ll tell war stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Gaze in wonder at their modern usage of Typescript, react hooks, and styled components. Recoil in disgust at their legacy Reflux usage and perplexing Webpack configuration. Step away from the workshop with a working knowledge of techniques to keep a large-scale frontend codebase modern and maintainable.