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Managing Docker Images with the JFrog Platform

Managing Docker images from development to production is a challenge for many companies looking to scale. IImages full of packages containing layers of different file types creates a needle in a haystack situation when hunting down security vulnerabilities or dependency issues. On top of worrying about what versions of what images are ready for release, in order to create a streamlined delivery process for Docker images, you also need to incorporate security into your pipeline. In this webinar, we will cover some important topics on why your teams should use Artifactory as your Docker Registry and the many benefits and advantages that come along with it.

Introduction to the ImGui C++ Library with Conan

The Conan team provides an introduction and demonstration for the open-source C++ graphics library known as ImGui. To show the basics of ImGui, we will create a simple application with some controls like buttons, scrollbars, color editors, and more. We will show how easily and quickly you can create a graphical user interface using this library. Finally, we will show how to a simple way to build ImGui using packages with Conan, the package manager for C and C++.

JFrog CLI Plugin: build-report

JFrog CLI Plugins allow enhancing the functionality of JFrog CLI to meet the specific user and organization needs. All public plugins are registered in JFrog CLI's Plugins Registry. The source code of a plugin is maintained as an open source Go project on GitHub. Anyone can develop their own plugin, in Go. This build-report plugin can print a table showing a report of a build that was published to Artifactory, right into your terminal. Watch this video to see how.

JFrog Pipelines for Shippable Customers

JFrog’s acquisition of Shippable completed the JFrog Platform by providing a CI/CD orchestration layer in the form of JFrog Pipelines. During the last two years following the acquisition, we continued to provide access to the Shippable service to avoid any operational disruption for our customers. JFrog Pipelines has matured to a point at which we can now recommend it as a destination for Shippable customers. Consolidating our efforts to a single product gives us the focus we need to bring you more innovation faster.

Your Software Is Secure Until It's Not: An Informal And Unscripted Chat On DevSecOps

Join JFrog’s Kat Cosgrove, as she interviews Melissa Mckay, Developer Advocate, JFrog and Seth Vargo, Senior Staff Engineer at Google Cloud - for an interactive discussion about how to thrive with DevSecOps in a world of security threats and breaches. Listen in as they discuss the recent SolarWinds hack, which affected many high-profile Fortune 500 companies and large U.S. federal government agencies. They will also look at how you can overcome the stress, fear and paranoia of releasing something that you think could result in disaster, with some sound experience and knowledge.

Effective CI/CD with Github and the JFrog Platform

Are you using GitHub for your SCM and as the starting point of your delivery process? Join this webinar to learn advanced tips and tricks for simplifying and accelerating your CI/CD pipelines with the JFrog Platform on top of GitHub. Sharing a detailed demo of a real-world release pipeline triggered from GitHub, we’ll review best practices and hard-won lessons for how you can streamline your end-to-end process and ensure it meets the security and quality requirements of large-scale enterprise delivery.