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Supply Chain Security Workshop

More and more attacks are aimed at the entire supply chain, which means that we developers are increasingly targeted by the attackers. Attacks like the SolarWinds hack show us that making sure you don’t use vulnerable dependencies isn’t enough. The attackers have their sights set on the entire development process with its components. In this workshop, we will look at the first steps and try them out in practice which will enable you to integrate the topic of security into your everyday life as a developer.

Using External Dependencies with Conan @ Bay Area C++ User Group Meetup

In the 2022 C++ survey results an overwhelming majority ~80% said managing libraries was painful, nearly 50% called it a major pain. Given this is not even a conversation in another ecosystem, it’s time we solve it once and for all. This talk will give an introduction to Conan and focus on the latest features you can use today to overcome any challenges. You’ll learn how to work on a CMake project, use different generators, and take advantage of multi-config presets. The goal is you give you a clear picture of how Conan fits into your existing workflow.

Expanding the security frontier with JFrog Xray

How are you currently addressing the challenges of securing your software supply chain? In today’s world it’s essential to go beyond just standard security tools when safeguarding your applications from development to production? But it doesn’t need a plethora of point solutions to do that. The JFrog DevSecOps Platform can take care of it. Expand the software security frontier and join the JFrog Product Management team, as they discuss how JFrog Xray provides intelligent supply chain security and compliance at DevOps speed.