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[Tidelift & JFrog] Best Practices For Managing Your Open Source Artifacts

Do you ever dream about having one place where you can find and store “known good” open source packages that are pre-vetted and pre-approved for use in building applications? If you ever think to yourself “there must be a better way” to manage open source components across the organization, you are in for a treat—now there is!

DevOps 101: Introduction To Containers

Containers have become integral to every phase in the lifecycle of application development. Production grade orchestration tools such as Kubernetes have been built to manage them and container platforms like Docker are becoming commonplace in both testing and development. Web tutorials on how to build and manage simple Docker images abound! But what are containers exactly and why have they become so essential to the DevOps ecosystem?

Shift-left And Scale Security With The Power Of JFrog And Google

What does it mean to “shift left”? How can you scale security effectively as you do? These are growing questions corporations and developers are facing in a distributed, global economy. In this webinar you will learn how the amazing combination of GCP and JFrog allows dynamic workflows and automated quarantine processes, continuous scanning of production artifacts, integration with the broader business, and how you can scale all of these solutions rapidly in your fast-paced environment.

Onboarding Best Practices: JFrog Pipelines

JFrog Pipelines empowers software teams to ship updates faster by automating DevOps processes in a continuously streamlined and secure way across all their teams and tools. Encompassing continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), infrastructure and more, it automates everything from code to production. Pipelines is natively integrated with the JFrog Platform and is available with both cloud (software-as-a-service) and on-prem subscriptions.

Best Practices: Onboarding Jfrog Xray

JFrog Xray is a Software Composition Analysis tool (SCA) which is tightly integrated with JFrog Artifactory to ensure security and compliance governance for the organization binaries throughout the SDLC. This video provides best practices learned from customers for successfully deploying JFrog Xray into your organization and performing a real Shift-Left. It will focus on two keys to success, 1. involving R&D and 2. starting small and working in cycles.

Speed Up Your Maven Builds With Jfrog Artifactory

The code we develop ends up being packaged into artifacts that are consumed as dependencies during the development of other software components. JFrog offers an end-to-end Maven repository solution to resolve complex challenges that come with consuming and developing all these artifacts. There are many reasons why you may want to use JFrog Artifactory as your Maven repository. As a Maven repo, Artifactory is both a source for artifacts needed for Maven builds and a target to deploy artifacts generated in the build process.