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IoT Management with JFrog Connect (5-Minute Demo)

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently monitor, manage and update edge and IoT devices at scale. You can quickly register thousands of devices, organize them into logical groups, automate software updates for entire device fleets, and leverage secure tools to remotely troubleshoot devices from the comfort of your laptop. Start free at jfrog.com/connect.

DevOps Speakeasy with Bruce Schneier

On this episode of the DevOps Speakeasy, we are joined by Bruce Schneier, Chief of Security Architecture, inrupt Bruce is an internationally renowned security technologist, called a security guru by the Economist. He is the New York Times best-selling author of 14 books -- including Click Here to Kill Everybody -- as well as hundreds of articles, essays, and academic papers.

From Git to Kubernetes

Join our webinar to learn best-practices when using the JFrog Platform to store and manage your Docker images and Kubernetes deployments from beginning to end, while also setting up a continuous build, test and deploy pipeline. We’ll cover best practices for managing and creating Docker registries and Helm repositories, testing and promotion of Docker containers, and taking your containers all the way to production using the JFrog Platform and Kubernetes together.