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In Their Own Words: Three Ways NetOps Delivers Value to Customers

Now more than ever, modern networks play a pivotal role in today’s business operations. However, this increased importance comes with a challenge: Modern networks are becoming increasingly complex and heterogeneous. Network managers need to ensure optimal performance across various domains—from the data center to multi-cloud and software-defined networks. This requires the consolidation of vast amounts of data from across multi-vendor networks, including environments managed by third parties.

DX NetOps Upgrade Weekend Program: Maximizing Upgrade Success

In the fast-paced world of network technology, staying current with the latest software releases is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. However, upgrading software can often be a daunting task, fraught with risks and challenges. That's where Broadcom’s Designated Weekend Upgrade Program comes into play. This program is free of charge and offers an innovative approach to software upgrades that promises to revolutionize the way you update your DX NetOps landscape.

AppNeta Is Getting a New Look and Feel

Broadcom offers two robust solutions for network operations: DX NetOps and AppNeta. These solutions work together to provide active, passive, and infrastructure monitoring, giving you continuous, end-to-end visibility into your networks. Our vision is to bring DX NetOps and AppNeta closer together to offer experience-driven NetOps—providing a unified solution that delivers comprehensive network visibility and network path analytics.

5 Steps to Troubleshoot Issues in Modern Networks

Networks are becoming more elastic, flexible, and agile than ever before. Organizations can now run network functions on commodity hardware, making network design and implementation less rigid and expensive. By modernizing and virtualizing their networks, teams are able to increase capacity and improve security.

Addressing the Visibility Gaps Posed by Wi-Fi Networks

In recent years, Wi-Fi has emerged as the de facto architecture for local area networks (LANs) and campus networks. Wi-Fi is also gaining more widespread usage in factories and operational technology environments. Despite its ubiquity, Wi-Fi presents some persistent challenges for network operations center (NOC) teams.

How NetSecOps Can Improve Network and Security Collaboration

In recent years, the pace of IT and network modernization fueled by digital transformation has only continued to accelerate. At the same time, cyber threats have continued to grow more frequent and sophisticated. Given these trends, the move to establish enhanced collaboration between network and security teams, an approach known as NetSecOps, has moved from a nice-to-have to a fundamental imperative.

Upgrade to DX UIM 23.4 During Broadcom Support's Designated Weekend Upgrade Program

DX Unified Infrastructure Management (DX UIM) 23.4 is a major, new release of our cornerstone solution for full stack infrastructure observability. This release is due for general availability on January 15, 2024. This release meets the requirement for addressing web-scale IT complexity in enterprises, government agencies, and managed service providers. With this release, customers can manage hybrid, multi-cloud environments and optimize IT operations intelligence.

DX UIM 23.4 Sets a New Standard for Infrastructure Observability

DX Unified Infrastructure Management 23.4 (DX UIM 23.4) is now available. DX UIM 23.4 is the latest version of our cornerstone, full-stack infrastructure observability solution for hybrid cloud and traditional data center environments. DX UIM is a key component of AIOps by Broadcom, a suite of solutions that leverage best-of-breed domain monitoring tools and advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights and enable intelligent automation across the IT operations stack.

Installation and Upgrade Enhancements Delivered in DX Platform 23.3

On November 7, 2023, the AIOps and Observability team announced general availability of DX Operational Intelligence 23.3 and DX APM 23.3 for on-premises deployments. While the announcements and Release Notes cover all the important enhancements, several new capabilities deserve additional attention—especially those for installing and upgrading the DX Platform. These enhancements offer the following benefits: Below, you’ll see seven enhancement areas involving installation and upgrades.