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How to build the ideal engineering team dashboard

Toggle topic hub menu Engineering teams of today use a plethora of tools to perform different functions in the software development life cycle. While tools like Slack, Teams, etc. are great for quick notifications, they rarely give you a comprehensive view of the things in current state. Sure, you can switch between tabs for all your tools but an "Engineering dashboard" that brings this all together makes it much easier to consume quickly and effectively.

Introduction: Sameer's SQUP learning path

Hello again, folks! It sure has been a while. For those of you who know me, you may remember I used to work at SquaredUp as a tech evangelist until a couple of years ago. Then some things happened, and I left in pursuit of something else. However, life has come full circle after about 2 years and boy am I glad to be back!

Context isn't just for Christmas

Everyone has their own toys to play with this Christmas, but we all have more fun when we share. The same applies to the tools we use, the data we collect, and the insights we act on. In this video, I'll show you how one of our valued (and definitely real) customers “North Pole Industries” utilizes SquaredUp to share the magic of observability.

How-to surface your multi-cloud costs with SquaredUp

Working in the cloud is certainly convenient, but the convenience comes at a price. With more and more organizations transitioning to the cloud, and a rise in preference towards cloud-native applications, hosting most, if not all the components of your business in the cloud is becoming increasingly common.

Correlate AWS and Prometheus with SquaredUp's data mesh

I recently delved into the idea of using labels within Prometheus to craft objects and hierarchies where none initially existed. Check out that piece here. The essence was harnessing the prowess of OTEL to achieve more, faster. The ambition? Transform these abstract virtual objects and integrate them into SquaredUp's knowledge graph, thereby unlocking the potential of data mesh and correlation.

Combining AWS and Prometheus with OpenTelemetry

In the realm of data and complex scenarios, we humans naturally gravitate towards visualizing things as entities with attributes, rather than just raw data. Consider the phrase, “The response time on our Ad Generation service has increased.” It immediately resonates with the audience supporting the service.

What's new in SquaredUp: 2023 June - Dec highlights

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re celebrating a full year since the release of SquaredUp Cloud – our revolutionary observability portal for product, engineering, and IT teams. In the last six months, we’ve packed in a ton of product improvements, including new visualizations, even more out-of-the-box dashboards, and a fast growing suite of pre-built plugins.

Gartner IOCS replay: Achieving unified observability with data mesh

The single pane of glass is perhaps the most enduring and elusive goal of enterprise IT operations teams. When we polled our customers a couple of years ago, out of 184 respondents, 99% of them rated it as important to their business – with 64% indicating “extremely important”. The shared dream is to have: But unfortunately, the single pane of glass has become a bit of myth.