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April 2022

The Results Are In: Platform.sh Drives Both Significant IT/DevOps Efficiency and Meaningful Cost Savings

We built Platform.sh because we knew there had to be a better way for businesses to build, run, and scale a full fleet of websites and web apps at scale. After all, until we brought our solution to market, many businesses had to construct a patchwork of different vendors, technologies, platforms, and solutions to bring their digital experiences to life. But there was no guarantee that all of those different component parts would always “play nicely in the sandbox” together.

Split projects and users across multiple organizations

As an organization owner, you can grant your key contributors permission to manage all your projects, billing information, or users within your organization. But… What if you are an agency that builds websites on behalf of multiple customers, and you want to invoice your customers directly? What if your company manages multiple business units or departments, all of which have their invoicing and billing requirements or their own contracts with Platform.sh?

OpenSearch is here

We’re excited to announce that Platform.sh now offers OpenSearch as a service available and included on all plans. OpenSearch is a distributed RESTful search and analytics engine you can use for log analytics, a search backend, clickstream analytics, and more. With the recent move by ElasticSearch to switch to a licensing model, it was important for us to propose a strong open source alternative. And OpenSearch is completely open source, so you could run and manage it on your own.