Welcome To xMatters - Ep4 - Initiating Incidents

Welcome To xMatters - Ep4 - Initiating Incidents

Aug 15, 2023

Everyone makes mistakes. So, it is important that when they do, we can act quickly, resolve the problem, and understand what went wrong to reduce the chances of it happening again.

When your business is suddenly impacted by an unforeseen event, it’s important that you can efficiently report the problem and call for help as soon as possible.

With xMatters, you can initiate incidents quickly and target specific groups with the vital information they need.

Not only does this help resolve the problem faster, but can also help stop it from happening again.

Using detailed post-incident reports, xMatters collects and analyses critical information that helps you understand what went wrong in the first place.

So rest assured, every day, in every way, we are getting better and better.

To learn more about initiating incidents with xMatters, check out our tutorial videos on how to get started.

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