Services with a Smile: Service Graph and Service Standards

Services with a Smile: Service Graph and Service Standards

Nov 17, 2022

Principal Product Manager Davis Godbout joined the HowTo Happy Hour to talk about the Service Graph and Service Standards features in the PagerDuty platform. Service Graph gives your teams a visual representation of the relationships among your technical and business services. Service Standards guides teams to the benefits of PagerDuty’s features like integrations and configurable incident urgency.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Intro

02:50 - Creating better service representations in PagerDuty

06:10 - Demonstration of the Service Standards and Service Graph features

11:00 - Improve your service settings with Service Standards

21:30 - Adding a new service to your Service Graph

26:00 - Viewing impacted services during an incident

31:00 - New features available in Early Access:

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