PagerTree Team Admin QuickStart Guide

PagerTree Team Admin QuickStart Guide

May 16, 2024

In this quick start guide, we will cover the basics of getting started as a team admin within PagerTree. The written documentation for team admins can be found at

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In this Team Admin QuickStart guide, we will explore the basics of team management in PagerTree.

Team admins are responsible for managing teams within PagerTree.

In the Team Page, admins can edit current teams, on-call schedules, and escalations policies.
When editing teams They can assign and remove members as well as assign team admins.

Team admins can view and create team on-call schedules. To schedule users on-call Team Admins simply double click the day they wish to add an event to, or drag and drop over a span of time they want an event to encompass. A new event page will open where the team admin can assign one or more team members to be on-call for the desired timespan. On the new event form they will also assign an escalation layer for this on-call event as well as fine-tune any settings as needed.

As an example, I will click and drag over Monday through Friday. On the new event form I will assign Chance and David to be our on-call users. We will assign them to layer one, we will repeat the schedule every week, and then select the rotate checkbox. This setup will effectively rotate Chance and David weekly. Click create. Nice! Now we can see that Chance and David are now on-call rotating weekly. You now have your first on-call schedule. Great!

Shifts can be easily overridden in the case of call outs or emergencies. Simply select the event you need to override, select the override button, assign the new user, adjust time frames if necessary, and then click Create. Your team schedule will now reflect the override.

Team Admins are also responsible for setting their team escalation policies. On the team page Team admins can click the edit button in the escalation policy header that will take them to the escalation policy page for that team. Here Team admins can adjust timeouts between alert escalations, add escalation layers, remove layers. You can additionally add escalation cycle repeats and choose a re-assign destination if alerts go unanswered.

Your team is now scheduled and ready to be on-call. Alerts will go to your scheduled team member and follow your escalation policy.