PagerDuty Partner Twitch Stream with Gremlin

PagerDuty Partner Twitch Stream with Gremlin

Oct 12, 2021

Chaos Engineering can help you improve your incident response workflows. Don’t wait until an event happens to flex your response muscles, create real-world scenarios with Gremlin and practice your response with PagerDuty.

Microservices and DevOps allow for rapid innovation and continuous improvement. However, these new approaches exponentially increase the complexity of systems. This means critical applications are failing today, causing financial loss, customer dissatisfaction, and employee burnout. As traditional quality assurance struggles to keep up with this complexity, innovative organizations have embraced controlled Chaos Engineering to proactively test for failure. With Gremlin and PagerDuty, you can safely run and automate real-world failure scenarios to build confidence that complex distributed systems will deliver an uninterrupted customer experience.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Intro

00:40 - What is Chaos Engineering

03:10 - Julie refers to a talk by Jason Yee

04:25 - Practicing Incident Response with Chaos Engineering

07:40 - Setting up Gremlin with PagerDuty status checks. Prevent your chaos engineering experiments from adding more instability if there are already incidents in your environment.

17:00 - Running latency experiments in a multi-tiered application

19:45 - The Gremlin API

23:00 - Incorporating chaos engineering with reliability and incident response to improve customer experience

26:45 - Improving your operational practices even when you’re not at FAANG scale

29:30 - Hang out with us at KubeCon

31:00 - Learn more about the Gremlin Certification and the PagerDuty certifications

34:00 - The PagerDuty API Masterclass

34:30 - Getting started with Chaos Engineering

37:15 - Prioritizing the improvements for what you find in your experiments

41:00 - Adding Gremlin experiments to your CI/CD pipeline

44:30 - See more about Chaos Engineering with SLIs and SLOs at All Day DevOps with Mandi and Julie

45:00 - Julie and Mandi chat about DevOps, reliability, hugops, and current events in tech

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