PagerDuty Integration Spotlight: HashiCorp Terraform

PagerDuty Integration Spotlight: HashiCorp Terraform

Manage your PagerDuty account objects with Terraform! Reap all the benefits of infrastructure as code and give your teams the flexibility they need to manage their services in real time.

As infrastructure stacks grow increasingly more complex and involve an ever-growing number of services and systems, teams have looked to abstract configuration to its own layer of code. This concept of configuring infrastructure as code is gaining traction throughout the industry for a variety of reasons.

Tools such as Terraform from HashiCorp have emerged as one of the leading ways to declaratively configure technology stacks. With benefits like saving significant time, keeping settings consistent, reducing the chance of introducing errors, and mitigating deviations between deployments, engineers can focus on building rather than configuring PagerDuty users, teams, and services. Be sure that your PagerDuty environment is correct.

HashiCorp’s Kerim Satirli joins PagerDuty Advocates Scott McAllister and Mandi Walls to talk about managing PagerDuty account objects with Terraform and the benefits of Infrastructure as Code.

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For more on how to use Terraform to manage your PagerDuty environment, head to the PagerDuty Terraform Provider documentation. Get your PagerDuty account today!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Intro

00:47 - Basics of Terraform

02:45 - Why does PagerDuty have a Terraform Provider?

03:50 - Adding large numbers of teams or users to PagerDuty

06:00 - Working with community-contributed open source projects

07:00 - The Terraform ecosystem of providers

09:20 - Demo - adding providers to your Terraform code

10:00 - A bit about Terraform Cloud

11:00 - Version locking for Terraform and included providers, including providers in your Terraform code

17:00 - Authorizing your Terraform code to your PagerDuty account with API keys and protecting configuration with “sensitive” settings

25:00 - Creating objects in your PagerDuty account with Terraform

33:00 - Adding larger groups of users to PagerDuty

39:00 - Using the random_pet provider to create dummy data

49:00 - Verifying your Terraform changes in the PagerDuty UI

53:00 - Using `keepers` for random objects

59:00 - The Community development of the PagerDuty Terraform provider was a subject at HashiTalks: