New Apps for PagerDuty's Datadog Integration

New Apps for PagerDuty's Datadog Integration

Status Dashboard by PagerDuty and Incidents by PagerDuty are new apps available now in Datadog. See a live, shared view of system health to improve awareness of operational issues with Status Dashboard by PagerDuty. Acknowledge, troubleshoot, and resolve incidents with PagerDuty actions embedded directly in the Datadog interface to limit context switching among tools. Julia Nasser and Hadijah Creary join the stream to show off this powerful enhanced integration.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Intro

02:10 - What’s new in the Datadog Integration

03:05 - Status dashboard by PagerDuty. View your service status directly from Datadog.

06:43 - Incidents by PagerDuty. Display up to 20 high urgency active incidents within Datadog. #acknowledge and #resolve your incidents.

07:30 - How to get these apps in your Datadog dashboards

08:36 - Demo in Datadog

10:00 - Find the PagerDuty for Datadog dashboard in your dashboards list

10:50 - Add the new widgets to your existing dashboards

14:25 - What’s next for Incidents by PagerDuty in Datadog

16:45 - Your optimized #incidentresponse workflow using PagerDuty within Datadog

22:00 - Check out the Change Events Webinar with Julia and Hadijah

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