This Month in Datadog: November 2021 (Episode 6)

This Month in Datadog: November 2021 (Episode 6)

Nov 24, 2021

Datadog is constantly elevating the approach to cloud monitoring and security. This Month in Datadog updates you on our newest product features, announcements, resources, and events. To learn more about Datadog and start a free 14-day trial, visit This month we put the Spotlight on Network Device Monitoring, along with highlighting the many announcements and guest presentations from Dash.


0:00 This Month in Datadog

0:25 New Features: Dash announcements

2:48 Spotlight: Network Device Monitoring

4:49 Around the Water Bowl: Dash guest speakers

See a complete roundup of new features:
Learn more about Dash Announcements here:
Learn more about Network Device Monitoring:
Dash 2021 Main Sessions: