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How The Washington Post uses Datadog to detect and respond to traffic spikes early

Stephen Erickson, Director of Engineering at The Washington Post, discusses how Datadog's alerting and unified visibility into their entire architecture are instrumental in managing dynamic traffic cycles caused by breaking news. An early Datadog alert on the day of the Capitol riots notified the team of a spike in traffic so they were able to respond and scale their systems immediately.

This Month in Datadog: Episode 11

Datadog is constantly elevating the approach to cloud monitoring and security. This Month in Datadog updates you on our newest product features, announcements, resources, and events. To learn more about Datadog and start a free 14-day trial, visit Cloud Monitoring as a Service | Datadog. This month we put the Spotlight on automated root cause analysis with Watchdog RCA.

You build it, you own it - Microservices operations with Datadog Service Catalog (Brooke Chen)

Managing microservices requires understanding many dependencies, both technical and operational. Join Brooke Chen of Datadog as they introduce Service Catalog, a new view combining telemetry, performance, topology, and metadata to enable at-a-glance understanding of even the most complex microservices architectures.

Datadog On Rust

Rust is a programming language that has been gaining popularity over the past few years, with its adopters claiming that it helps them write faster, memory efficient, and more reliable software. At Datadog many backend services are written in Go, but some teams have begun adopting Rust when building new services, especially when performance is critical.