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Chasing the Rainbow: Towards Unified Service Metrics

As Zendesk migrated from a monolithic application to an ecosystem of hundreds of services, its need for fully unified and standardized observability became a chief concern. In this talk, Senior Principal Engineer Daniel Schierbeck shares how adopting a service mesh has helped Zendesk teams manage its growing number of services while standardizing its observability. He also explains how Zendesk’s approach to monitoring service interactions has evolved as it adopted Datadog metrics and Datadog APM.

How Mercado Libre scales its AWS microservices without losing visibility

Learn how Mercado Libre acts more quickly, strategically, and proactively thanks to Datadog’s centralized platform and context-rich alerting.Mercado Libre hosts the largest online commerce and payments ecosystem in Latin America, which means thousands of dollars can be lost if some of their critical applications stop working for even 1 minute. Senior Technical Manager Juliano Martins and software expert Marcelo Quadros share a few reasons why they chose Datadog as their observability platform of choice for their AWS environment: the power of our infrastructure monitoring solution, extensive range of integrations, strong reputation in the market, and more.

I've Made a Huge Mistake: Implementing Agile on Infrastructure Teams

Bad planning methods can damage team morale and prevent teams from improving the systems they maintain. In this talk, Sam Handler from Shopify explains how his attempts to fix poor infrastructure planning processes through Agile methods failed. Drawing from this experience, he offers several principles that can help infrastructure teams improve the way they work.

How Uber Freight Powers Intelligent Logistics with Datadog

Thiyagarajan Anandan, Uber Freight, shares how he and his team have created a center of excellence for monitoring and DevOps culture. Uber Freight, a division of Uber, delivers an end-to-end enterprise suite of Relational Logistics to advance supply chains and move the world’s goods. With more than 1,000 shippers across $18B freight under management (FUM), it’s critical for Uber Freight to provide a 99.99% uptime for its shippers and customers. Since migrating to the Datadog platform, Uber Freight for the first time has unlocked the full breadth and depth of their systems, thereby significantly decreasing MTTR/MTTD and delivering an improved customer experience.

Datadog on Kubernetes Node Management

Datadog, the observability platform used by thousands of companies, runs on dozens of self-managed Kubernetes clusters in a multi-cloud environment, adding up to tens of thousands of nodes, or hundreds of thousands of pods. This infrastructure is used by a wide variety of engineering teams at Datadog, with different feature and capacity needs.