GrafanaCON 2024 Keynote: Grafana 11, Loki 3.0, Alloy, Golden Grot Awards, and more | Grafana

GrafanaCON 2024 Keynote: Grafana 11, Loki 3.0, Alloy, Golden Grot Awards, and more | Grafana

Apr 15, 2024

During GrafanaCON 2024, we came back together in person for the first time since 2019. Grafana Labs CEO and Co-founder Raj Dutt announced the winners of the Golden Grot community dashboard awards, and members of our engineering team made some exciting announcements around our open source observability projects including Loki 3.0 and Alloy. And Torkel Ödegaard, the creator of Grafana, unveiled what’s new in Grafana 11, with some demos.

Keynote moments:

0:00 Grot explores Amsterdam

0:50 GrafanaCON introduction

3:03 Looking back at GrafanaCON with Grafana Labs CEO Raj Dutt

4:41 Giving thanks to our team and customers

7:46 Big tent: Celebrating our community

8:58 Grafana Champions and dashboards in the wild

14:48 Golden Grot Awards: Winners unveiled

17:52 Grafana 11, presented by Torkel Ödegaard, Creator of Grafana and Grafana Labs CGO

20:30 Explore Metrics demo

27:20 Grafana Labs Hackathon winner video

31:30 Explore Logs demo

39:04 Loki 3.0

43:14 Grafana App Platform

46:30 Grafana Alloy

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